Key Competencies

Field Sales Structure

We are experts in effective KPI building, Territory Capacity Planning, Cycle Plan building, from our experience we can provide completely objective CRM & Reporting advice.

Execution Excellence

We will build your Field Sales in call scripts  to effectively  target what message your Sales people need to achieve in call. Sending Sales people across a door is expensive their message has to be clear and delivered effectively.


We can source , interview , and build a comprehensive induction plan for new employees. From our experience we strongly believe that once you get the right person it is imperative that their induction is managed effectively. 

Professional  induction and training is essential for success in todays challenging market place. Many companies overlook this.

Project Management

When projects are required we can manage them completely or as required to allow you to stick to your day job. 

We have experience of managing CRM  implementation, Reporting system design and full Sales team structuring ,recruitment and induction.

Temporary Rep/ Manager Cover

During Holidays, busy periods and Staffing issues it's reassuring  to know that we can provide people at any level within your business for a short term period. 

Bespoke Training Courses

We will build and deliver training and people development courses to suit exactly your requirements within Ireland and the UK.

 We get to know you, what you do and more importantly what you need. Then deliver it.